Ep. 37 “DEATH STRANDING Info Dump, GHOSTBUSTERS Remastered, LAST OF US PART 2 Internally Delayed, Crystal Dynamics’ AVENGERS’ To Be Games As A Service? & More!”

Episode 37 is brought to you by Brett & Jeremy in a very loose, off-the-cuff episode that may or may not have a poorly edited "Thirty-Seven" added in post, because we thought it was Episode 38 initially.


Run of Show:


  • What are ya playin', Stranger?

    • Civilization 6 (Mobile), Burnout Paradise Remastered, Far Cry 5, Spider-Man & maybe more? We don't remember.


  • Current Event Topics

    • Death Stranding has a new long-ass trailer, details, a release date (November 8th, 2019!) & we're still not sure what this game is...?
    • Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered is a thing that's happening and we like it.
    • The Last of Us Part II is internally delayed to early 2020
    • Is Square-Enix/Crystal Dynamics' Avengers title going to be GaaS? We'll know more when it debuts at E3 + Hero Customization, Single Player & Multiplayer!
    • PS Plus games for June were announced and Brett is angry (Spoilers: it's Robb's fault)

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