Ep. 35 “JEDI: FALLEN ORDER Detailed, AC UNITY Could Help With Notre Dame Reconstruction, SMASH BROS. ULTIMATE 3.0 Update + Joker & Reflecting on GOD OF WAR For It’s One Year Anniversary”

Order '35' has been executed and Jeremy has been eliminated...

Greetings gamers and welcome back to another episode of the Play It LOUDcast! This week Brett & Robb (sans Jeremy and he's fine, just tired) bring you a bangin' episode of the best stories from around the gaming landscape!

Also, Brett doesn't know history or how time works.

Run of Show:

  • What are ya playin', Stranger?

    • Katana Zero, AC: Odyssey, Final Fantasy VII & PS4 Pro!
  • Current Event Topics
    • ASSASSIN'S CREED UNITY could help with Notre Dame Reconstruction
    • SMASH BROS. ULTIMATE 3.0 Update + First DLC Character Joker released and outlined
  • Big Topic Discussion
    • GOD OF WAR Anniversary Retrospective (SPOILERS!)

      • We break down the impact of the game, some cool tidbits we learned, the upcoming 'making of' documentary, what we loved, what the future holds and generally gush about what was our 2018 GOTY

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