Ep. 34 “So Much Lots Of BioWare, BORDERLANDS 3 Info Drop, SONIC Movie Deets & Footage Screened + Interview with Journalist & Author Alex Kane About STAR WARS: KOTOR!”

Episode 34 is here late due to difficulties developing with the Frostbite engine...

Run of Show:

  • What are ya playin', Stranger?

    • WWE2K19, Trials: Rising, Party Hard, Hollow Knight, & Yoshi's Crafted World
  • Current Event Topics
    • Borderlands 3 Info Dump!
    • Funny Fallout 76 story from Todd Howard
    • SONIC THE HEDGEHOG film footage has been screened and we share some of the deets
  • Community Gamer Discussion
    • BioWare's Studio Issues & Anthem's Troubled Development

      • We deep dive into Jason Schreier's Kotaku article where he unveils a lot of trouble at the fabled RPG studio
  • Interview with Journalist and Author Alex Kane regarding his new book on BioWare's Knights of the Old Republic (KotOR)!
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